I recently got back to the technological world after three weeks of solid traveling on the South Island. We covered a lot of ground down there while assessing our theme of ecotourism. We have now visited more of New Zealand than most New Zealanders themselves. The drive down to the end of North Island usually takes about 8 hours, but with our caravan, bathroom stops, and other stops at cool places it took about 12. We stayed outside of Wellington for the night and got up bright & early to catch the ferry. This is like the ferry of all ferries. It has something like 10 floors with multiple outlooks, restaurants & cafes, a even a movie theater.

The 3-hour ferry ride to Picton, in the South Island, offered awesome island views and chances to see unique seabirds.

After departing the ferry, we hopped back into the vans. We nicknamed our van, Xena’s Van, after our professor/driver, Ria, who we call Xena. As soon as the van hit South Island ground, we did any sort of call/cheer that we thought was appropriate! We had a 4-6 hour trip ahead of us. Traveling with EcoQuest means lots of bathroom stops and radnom stops at cool places without notice. It makes traveling go by much faster. Our lunch stop was at a beautiful black-sand beach with views of the snow-capped mountains and seals chilling on the rocks.









More stories to come about my South Island adventures!